Why Coach with Me

What is a life Coach? 

At the heart of it a life coach helps their clients discover their best selves. 

I work with women who have jobs, stay home, have children or not. I was in Corporate for 17 years and had 2 children in the last four years. I am skilled in support and guidance for these areas and can empower women in these roles. 

As your certified life & success coach I will view your troubles objectively, as a third party. I get to what you are seeking and to the root of what is holding you back. 

I don’t give advice or give you answers. I guide you to discover the answers for yourself. That is where I draw out the power within you. I will show you techniques, approaches, tools and strategies to improve your life. I will monitor your progress with you and highlight any blind spots to maximise your strengths. 

I teach you the rules to a fulfilling life based on your needs and personality. I am able to adapt the process based on your progress for a personalised approach to utilise your skills and capabilities. I will keep you accountable. 

I anticipate obstacles and guide you to solutions. I help prepare you for life’s challenges and opportunities. I understand motivation is what will drive you. Check out my free eBook How to have Unstoppable Motivation to get you started.   

As a certified life coach I help you speed up your progress with tailored sessions to your ability and goals, monitoring your achievements as you progress, and adapting the sessions as we go. 

You will achieve your goals faster and more consistently with less frustration and uncertainty. You won’t be wasting unnecessary time when you include a life coach to help achieve your goals. 

I help you achieve and succeed your potential faster. 

Anyone who wants to grow and reach their dreams can you use a life coach. 

I help women who are having troubles with

Business / Career



Relationships (family, friends & romantic)

Personal Growth

Coaching requires your full input and commitment, your determination to transform your life. You must be willing to dig deep inside to uncover your answers and move your life forward. I’ll be right there with you.