M.D, Dubai

I lacked focus, self-discipline and felt like no matter how much I slept, I was always exhausted.

Months passed and a few weeks ago, I hit a roadblock and had no idea how to move forward. It was then that I took the step of getting in touch with Divina, and she responded within the hour. Right up from the start, the process was seamless and very professional – she signed me up for four sessions, one every week for the coming month to help me get on track and set up my goals.

From the moment I saw Divina during our first session, I remember feeling a sense of comfort. Her energy was professional yet so safe and welcoming, and I knew right away I could trust her.

Through everything I mentioned, there was never a moment of judgement – just pure encouragement and a safe space to share my goals for the week.

Over just four weeks, my life is now almost unrecognizable. Each little habit we worked on building together compounded – from being a night owl my whole life to now waking up energized and focused to start my day at 5 am.

My coaching sessions have directly influenced my self-confidence, and the positive effects have trickled into every part of my life.

Through my coaching experience with Divina, I experienced the power of transformation.

Divina, thank you for showing up to each coaching session with so much empathy and no judgement – your energy is so healing and compassionate. You’ve somehow managed to always find just the right kind of motivation for me without pushing me too hard and still allowed me to find my answers at my own pace and at my own time. This experience has solidified the change a life coach can make in the life of their clients just by being present and actively listening and for that, I will never have enough words of Gratitude, so thank you!

Divina, it was an honour being coached by you. You are such a deeply connected and gifted coach.


I came to the coaching sessions doubting that I would be able to tackle my motivation as it is something I have struggled with throughout my life.

Sessions are easily accessible at the click of the link at the agreed time. Divina always arrived on time and prepared. Divina is able to reflect on what you say and this allows you to see she is listening and understanding what you have said. Divina is able to identify tools to support you with areas throughout your journey.

On reflection at the final session I was amazed to see the growth in just 4 weeks. My overall health had improved mentally and physically. I had started to prioritise those areas in my life that were important to me that needed some attention.
In such a short space of time I have been able to excel in improving health, friends and family connection as well as fun and recreation.



Divina is a dream to work with! She has a tremendous gift for holding space which is filled with ease, comfort and lots of positive energy. She has a soft yet confident demeanour and is able to gently yet firmly encourage clients to reflect on their lives in ways that bring upon long-lasting changes.

In her manner, Divina ensures that clients don’t feel rushed or pressured and that they do move through the coaching process at the pace that’s comfortable for them. 

Divina offers sessions which are easy to arrange and delivered in a highly professional fashion.

If you’re looking to implement a positive change in your life but struggling to figure out how to do it or where to start, I’m convinced that Divina will be able to help you find the answers. By embarking on a coaching journey with Divina, you’ll without a doubt begin to Know Your Worth!


I would absolutely recommend Divina as a coach. She made me feel so at ease just like talking to a friend I’ve known for years. She was a great sounding board with zero judgement 100% positivity. 

Before our session I didn’t even have Zoom on my phone and had no idea how to use it but it was incredibly easy and having the visual aspect of the session was great because you could really connect and have that conversation like you would do with someone face to face. 

The sessions went quickly but that’s because we really used the time well and I left the call feeling motivated and ready to tackle the week ahead. Divina kept in touch during the week to which was an extra boost of motivation and her Instagram page is great to refer to when I need some good vibes.


I completed my life coaching sessions with Divina, and hope to book more in the near future. I have nothing but positive feedback and praise for Divina and the support she gave me during these sessions.

Divina gave me the space and time to reflect and verbalise a lot of what was going on in my mind, and to break this down into realistic and achievable goals. She listened and was patient, and allowed me to really think about my feelings and work out what it was that I wanted to achieve at the end of each session.

Divina also helped me to think about things in a different way than I have been previously, and think deeper about some of my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours which was really helpful. The sessions were thought provoking and insightful, and have really encouraged me to prioritise my own wellbeing moving forward.

I am looking forward to continuing on the journey I have started with the support of Divina and would highly recommend anyone who is feeling a little lost or off track, to consider working with her.


Divina has transformed my way of thinking about myself and how I deal with situations; I can’t thank Divina enough for this. Her patience, calm and welcoming manner allowed me to be more vulnerable than I thought I could be. I would highly recommend Divina and her services.

Divina is so present when you talk to her that you really feel like you are being heard! Thank you Divina for giving me the tools, your time and guidance in allowing me to grow more confident with my true self.