Work with me

First Session Free

This is a free 45 minute call.

We explore the areas in your life you feel require improvement and are most important to you. You will finish the call understanding how I can help you as a life coach and knowing if you want to continue the journey. 

Calls are via Zoom. 

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Get Moving

Six sessions. 45 minutes each. Over 6 weeks. 

This is when you know what you need to aim for and you need that push, guidance, support and motivation to get there. You want to be focused and make some moves. This will get you into action. 

You will design goals each week to reach your success. This can be within your business/career, finances, health, family, romance etc. Whichever area of your life you want success, improvement and/or growth you end the 6 weeks with more clarity, more wins and a plan for success. 

Calls are via Zoom.

Bespoke Package

You may need more time or maybe less. There may be one specific issue you want to work on or a multitude. Either way, with this option we co create the package. Tailored to your needs, goals and ultimate desired results. 

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Yes. Each package can be paid in 2 instalments. The second instalment being paid no more then 31 days after the first.  

Paypal or direct bank transfer. 

If you need to rearrange a session, 24 hours notice is appreciated and I will do my best to fit this into the schedule. However, this is your investment in your life. Ensure it is a commitment you are willing to prioritise.

If I need to rearrange due to unforeseen circumstances, I will do my utmost to ensure you have 24 hours or more of notice and a new date booked in.