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How to have Unstoppable Confidence

How to have Unstoppable Motivation 

Hi! I’m Divina, your Certified Life Purpose & Success Coach! 

I help professional women (who may also be mums) remove the feeling of being lost and unfulfilled in life. I help them gain the confidence to take control of their lives. 

I help you understand your true value, build a stronger relationship with yourself and others, find your passion and build the confidence to say and do exactly what you want in this life!

In this ebook are some of steps to start you on that journey. 

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When life gets challenging and you need motivation to get through, this is the book for you! 

Unstoppable Motivation

My intention with this Ebook is for you to be able to pick it up when you may be feeling that lack of motivation and have practical actionable steps to build yourself back up.

I have filled this book with all the habits and practices I do in my daily life that keep me going! 

I cover food, exercise and organisation tips. I also go deeper in this book and ask you to look at other areas of your life that you may not have thought too… Looking deeper into who you are and who you want to become. Who are those in your close circle and how to change that if needs be. Looking at your 5 senses and how to keep them replenished. 

I also have great tips on sleep and setting your intentions. There is a worksheet for each chapter so you can write down your thoughts and your progress with the suggested actions I give to you. 

Also keep in mind I have two young toddlers so these tips are definitely adaptable if you a busy woman too! 

I tell my personal stories of what I had to overcome and why I needed these tools in my life and still use them to this day. 

This book has helped so many women already!

Enjoy being unstoppable!